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How can art connect us with a Place and the Environment of that Place? How can Art help us to notice aspects of our environment that we might not otherwise see? How can big ideas such as the Picturesque and Psychoanalysis be considered together as Environmental. How does an Environment produce a Frame?


We aim at inviting at least five artists per year; in exchange for free lodgings and a studio to work in, we hope visiting artists will invite us to learn about their practice. The goal of the residency is to produce meaningful dialogue between local residents and visiting artists, writers and thinkers. Visitors to the residency to the residency will participate in an ongoing series of artist talks and workshops.

The historic town of Norfolk is home to Yale University’s prestigious Summer Art Program. However, it is also home to an abundance of artists, craftspeople, writers and thinkers who live here full-time. Norfolkians are bright, knowledgeable, hard working people who are eager to cross pollinate and share ideas about all sorts of things.


In addition to the residency, Greenwoods, 2058 is a collective of artists who live and work in the Southern Berkshire area. Each member of the collective participates by inviting artists to stay at the residency.  All visiting artists are invited by members of the collective — there is no application process.

Each member also produces a multiple — a series of art objects that are sold to support the Norfolk Residency. We split the sale of each multiple 50/50 with the artist so each purchase supports both the residency and the local member artist.